National Youth Caricature Contest Launched in Beijing


On September 29, with "Celebrate the Convening of the 19th National Congressof CPC with Young Heart to the Party" as the theme, the NationalYouth CaricatureContest was launched in Beijing. The contest will collect all kinds of caricatures froma wide range of comic artists and young comic fans across the country. Theprize will be awarded in December this year, and excellent works will be exhibitedacross China.

The contest is mainly to collectoriginal caricaturesworks from national cartoonists and young comic fans. The models of caricatures canbe selected from the representatives of the 19th National Congress, such as theoutstanding communist party members from the primary level, leading figures inscientific research, educators who foster virtue through education,artists who are excellent in both performing skills and moral integrity,patriotic entrepreneurs, and typical models in other fields. The creation ofportraits and caricatures highlights the spirits and traits of pioneeringmodels and typical characters in all walks of life since the 18th NationalCongress, such as dedication, innovation and entrepreneurship, integrity andtrustworthiness, righteousness and friendliness, and filial piety.

Thecollection of works will be completed on November 15 and the preliminaryselection of works will be carried out from November 16 to November 26. Thenfrom November 27 to December 6 the re-evaluation will be conducted. After thepublicity of award-winning works, the Organizing Committee of the contest willhold the award ceremony in December, and tour the excellent works across China.

Editor in charge :黃慧倫
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