The digital comprehensive operation platform of China Publishing Group launched

Date:2020-06-08   Source:中版集團數字傳媒有限公司

China Publishing Group held “Publishing Convergence Development Forum on Information Service” and the launching ceremony of the second phase of the digital comprehensiveoperation platform. As one of the important support of the first listedpublishing integrated development key laboratory established in early 2017, “Thedigital comprehensive operation platform of China Publishing Group” consists ofa unified operation platform and a comprehensive product platform, aiming atintensive operation of resources and products, breaking the boundary betweendigital products and forms a joint force between resource and operation. It is reported that the unified product operation platform integrates products ofdifferent frameworks, and provides services with the assistance of resources,user behaviors and big data analysis on industry development. It will operatethrough user guidance and transboundary product. The comprehensive productplatform will realize three-dimensional comprehensive display of the digitalproducts of the group by online websites, apps, real exhibition halls andequipment. During the first phase of the project, the comprehensive operationsystem software platform and physical platform have been completed, whichprovides accurate, convenient and efficient services including high-qualityreading services, professional services, digital education and so on.

Editor in charge :黃慧倫
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