China Publishing Digital Reading Card issued to support epidemic prevention


To support epidemic prevention, and enrich the amateurcultural life of officers and soldiers as well as caring for the front-lineofficers and soldiers in Wuhan, Political Work Department of the CentralMilitary Commission joint with China Publishing Group Digital Media Companysubordinate to China Publishing Group provides digital reading service for thefront-line officers and soldiers in Wuhan through multi-reading serviceplatform of “China Publishing Digital Library”.


ChinaPublishing Digital Library opened a reading column for officers and soldiers.Through the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, adigital reading card was issued for each of the Wuhan Anti-epidemic Frontlineand the troops stationed in Hubei, which offers them reading service bymulti-terminal, including 50,000 volumes e-books, 200,000 minutes audio booksand over 600 kinds of videos covering epidemic prevention knowledge, militaryreading, literature and art and the army’s anti-epidemic literature and artexhibition.

According to the reports, the cover of the digital reading card is aseries of posters for the army to fight against the epidemic, which stronglyencouraged the fighting spirit against the epidemic. The card is beautifullydesigned and can also be saved as a bookmark, which is well received andwelcomed by the majority of officers and soldiers. 

Editor in charge :黃慧倫
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