"Happy Traditional Chinese Medicine" platform held successfully

Date:2020-10-30   Source:中版集團數字傳媒有限公司


On August 25, the launching ceremony of the"Cultural Enlightenment and Smart Poverty Alleviation" cooperationand the "Happy Traditional Chinese Medicine" platform of ChinaPublishing Group Digital Media Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "CPGDigital Media") was held in the multifunction hall on the first floor ofChina Publishing Group.

"Happy Traditional Chinese Medicine" platform is a new productin the field of health care created by CPG Digital Media. With the focus onin-depth integrated development, the company promotes the selection, mining,dissemination and application of high-quality content and builds a basictechnical service platform characterized by resource sharing, traffic interflowand high reusability. On this basis, CPG Digital Media converges the TCM publishingresources and famous TCM physicians resources to launch the "HappyTraditional Chinese Medicine" platform for the enterprises andinstitutions, research institutes and educational institutions in order toinherit the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine by science andtechnology innovation and fragmentation process the TCM classics andauthoritative monograph, so that the users can enjoy converged media reading ofhigh-quality knowledge, intelligent retrieval, health consulting services andonline registration without leaving home. This time, CPG Digital Media willalso devote part of the content and services of "Happy TCM" platformto smart poverty alleviation cooperation to provide smart health care and smartreading management services for people in poor areas.



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