China Publishing Group Digital Media Co., Ltd.

China Publishing Group Digital Media Company (hereinafter referred as to “the company”), founded in 2008, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Publishing & Media Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, with its headquarter located in Beijing.

As a subsidiary of China Publishing Group, specializes in the operation of digital media business, China Publishing Group Digital Media Company has a key laboratory for publishing integration development, a key laboratory for comprehensive operation of digital content, and has professional qualifications such as network publishing service license, e-book publishing qualification, e-book general distribution qualification, audiovisual product publishing operation license, radio and television program production operation license, and telecommunications and information service business operation license (ICP).

Relying on the strong brand influence, profound content accumulation and excellent technical force of China Publishing Group, the company focuses on in-depth integration development and promotes the selection, dissemination and application of high-quality content as the main direction, and is committed to building a domestic first-class media enterprise and high-quality digital content comprehensive service provider.

The company undertakes more than ten national-level major projects, covering publishing integration development, major publishing scientific and technological projects, transformation and upgrading of cultural enterprises, publishing digital “go international” and so on, including national digital composite publishing engineering standard projects, “National Information Pilot Project” of National Development and Reform Commission, the central cultural enterprise transformation and upgrading demonstration project of China Publishing Group, the industry standard project entrusted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television etc., as well as part of the work of the Chinese character library project and China Book International, the website of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC.

The company not only builds a comprehensive operation big data platform for resource sharing, traffic interconnection, and high reuse, but also has a unique all-media operation business that integrates creativity, planning, research and development, production, and domestic and international promotion and distribution, which provides rich professional publishing big data services and comprehensive solutions. At the same time, for the user-centric ecological scenes loop, the company has deployed in various fields such as digital culture and education, animation, audio, video and other fields, providing data integration and management, digital product development, network platforms and new media operations, digital publishing technology research and development and other services, building core products including digital library, paper-electric integrated bookcase, smart cultural trip, 24-hour self-service learning machine, animation, audio program online, and editing platform.

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