Digital Culture

China Publishing Group Digital Media Co., Ltd. provides digital cultural services such as digital reading, smart cultural tourism, ideological and political learning for public libraries, cultural centers, museums, enterprises and institutions. Its leading products include CPG Digital Library, CPG Intelligent Bookcase integrated paper and electronics, CPG Smart Cultural Tourism, 24-hour self-help ideological and political learning machine, etc., which have been landed to Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Government Offices Administration, Wuhan Air Force Base, etc.

? “CPG Digital Library” embraces excellent novels, humanities and social science works as well as other high-quality content, with a total of more than 150,000 kinds of e-books, 1.2 million minutes of audio books and 200,000 minutes of video resources. Administrators can use the data visualization analysis system to track the reading data of institutions in real time, obtaining accurate and detailed reading reports in the first place. Readers can read online in real time through PC terminal, large screen, pad and mobile terminal, thus meeting the needs of different application scenarios.

? “CPG Intelligent Bookcase integrated paper and electronics” is an innovative and convenient cultural service facility based on IoT technology. With the innovative service concept of “unmanned management and self-service experience”, it creates online and offline integrated reading service and provides users with “accessible” convenient intelligent reading service integrating paper books and e-books.

? “CPG Smart Cultural Tourism”, with a collection of high-quality exhibitions, online exhibition halls, 3D cultural relics and other digital resources, is committed to providing one-stop solutions of smart cultural tourism for the culture and museum industry. Supported by AI, big data, IoT and other new technologies, with the smart cloud platform as the core and the exhibition hall of online and offline interactive experience center as the highlight, it builds the cloud culture and museum ecosystem to boost the intelligent upgrading of cultural tourism industry.

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