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Mathias Svold (b. 1991) and Ulrik Hasemann (b. 1987) are documentary photographers from Denmark working as a team on in-depth projects. Their work investigates how climate, people and culture affect the nature and their photographs depict small stories within the larger themes. They use analogue medium format cameras to obtain a slow working process and a symbolic visual language. In 2017 they graduated from the Danish School of Media and Journalism’s photojournalism program, and their projects have received several national and international awards.

The photographers have worked closely together with their publisher BOOK LAB on the idea of the book and the production. BOOK LAB specializes in developing and publishing extraordinary book crafts. Former titles include among others war photographer Jan Grarups book, `And Then There Was Silence´. The process is led by the initiator of BOOK LAB Søren Hørdum. He is an expert in print and product design and has several award-winning books on the CV.

Everything related to design and creative thinking is carefully taken care of by IRONFLAG, a multi-disciplinary Copenhagen-based design studio. IRONFLAG has a clear design philosophy with a content-driven approach and a timeless perspective on aesthetics. They prioritize close relationships and develop individual ideas with a strong DNA that makes them stand out.

The team also include Photo Editor Emil Ryge. Besides teaching at KBH Film and Photo School he works with his own photo projects, review photo books in the daily newspaper Politiken and is behind the newsletter Dansk Dokumentarisme. Furthermore, novelist Josefine Klougart has contributed to the book with an essay. Since her first novel was published in 2010 Josefine Klougart has won many awards and established herself as one of the most powerful and compelling voices of her generation.

CONTACT: Ditte Jensen, BOOK LAB, +45 61 10 08 66,